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To understand any condition, the first step is to learn the basics. We know that there is a lot of confusion when it comes to spider veins.

In this section we give you all of the foundational information you’ll need to get to grips with what spider veins actually are, how they are related (but not the same) as varicose veins and how they are linked to collagen.

Latest articles

Collagen and spider veins: what’s the link?

Despite what advertisers might tell you, there really is no secret to preventing the ageing process. However, there is an understanding among scientists, that one of the most important ways to keep skin looking and feeling young, is to maintain healthy levels of collagen. Collagen is a matrix of protein fibres manufactured in the body […]

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An introduction to spider veins

To gain an understanding of spider veins themselves, you need to get to grips with the basics. Spider veins are made up of the smallest blood vessels in your body called capillaries and are visible only under a microscope. They are located just beneath the skin's surface, forming a network across your body, and can […]

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Varicose or Spider Veins? Understanding the difference

You may have heard of spider veins and varicose veins, but do you actually know what the difference is? There is often confusion around what they are. Both can affect your confidence as you may feel embarrassed by their appearance and consider them to be unsightly. Varicose veins have gained the lion share of media […]

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Why do I have spider veins? Understanding the link to collagen

The science behind collagen can seem confusing at the best of times, with so many sources of information, and numerous anti-ageing product suppliers baffling us with scientific jargon.

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