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Causes and risks

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There are a whole number of reasons why you might have spider veins. Whilst it is difficult to naturally avoid spider veins, being aware of the causes and some factors which might increase your risk can reduce your chances.

From genetics to smoking and alcohol, we discuss all of the surrounding debates around what causes spider veins and give you some insight into what to avoid and what might be causing your spider veins.

Latest articles

Managing risks: smoking, alcohol and spider veins

Vein conditions, such as spider veins, and other associated conditions are not uncommon: with studies showing that at least one-third of the population is currently living with a vein condition1. That said, just because they are a common condition, there is no reason why you have to suffer in silence. Spider veins appear as blue […]

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Caring for your collagen: key nutrients that can help

Whether online, on TV, or in your favourite magazine you’ve more than likely have heard about collagen and its link to anti-ageing. But do you know what collagen actually is? Here we’ll explore the role collagen plays, and ways you can tailor your diet to help support your body’s own collagen production. What is collagen? […]

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Will the sun affect my skin? All about sun damage and collagen

It’s true, moderate exposure to sunlight can have positive effects on your health. For one thing, it stimulates the production of vitamin D, which facilitates the absorption of calcium and is essential to maintaining healthy bones1,2. But repeated or excessive exposure can damage the skin and cause its premature ageing; it also increases the risk […]

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What does genetics have to do with it? Discovering the link to spider veins

Perhaps you have noticed some visible veins on your body? You may be thinking, what are they, and why might I have them?

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