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Colladeen Original FAQs

I’m over 7lbs heavier than I should be. Could this be fluid retention?

Sorry - but no, it’s probably fat! Fluid retention adds (at most) 2.2lbs (1kg) to your weight, even though the discomfort it causes feels much greater than this. This is often because the fluid is being held in tissues that are not designed to carry much ‘weight’, such as the ankles.

I’ve been buying herbal diuretics to correct my fluid retention problem. Is this the wrong thing to do?

Don’t worry - it’s unlikely that these products will have caused any harm. However, they are not helping the underlying causes of fluid retention, as they simply force your body to excrete additional fluid. Remember, fluid retention is caused by a relatively small amount of fluid getting stuck in the wrong place! Herbal diuretics however, are not specific and cause fluid to be lost from the whole body.

Why me? I suffer from fluid retention but I have a good diet and I keep active.

It seems that some people are just more prone to suffer than others. It also might be the case that your good diet does not contain sufficient anthocyanidins to make a difference to your symptoms. Our early ancestors had the right idea - they ate far more berries and their seeds, both rich sources of anthocyanidins.

My tummy is often bloated to the extent that my trousers won’t do up. Is this fluid retention?

It may or may not be. If it happens regularly around the time of your period then it could be cyclical fluid retention. However, if it happens often, and symptoms come on rapidly, then it’s probably due to wind being produced in your large intestine. Generalised and cyclical fluid retention will generally occur in at least 2 places in the body at any one time. This may help you decide if your tummy bloating is due to fluid retention or just wind!

However hard I diet, I can’t lose any weight from my thighs. Could this be fluid retention?

You’d know if fluid retention was the problem because the normally thin, bony parts of your legs, namely your knees and ankles, would probably also be puffy, particularly after standing up for long periods.

Will drinking water make the fluid retention worse?

Certainly not. Only in serious disease states can excessive water consumption lead to increased fluid retention

My legs feel tired and heavy all the time. Will Colladeen® Original help?

Tired, heavy legs can be a sign of general fluid retention. An 8 week course of Colladeen® Original would be highly recommended.

Can I use Colladeen® supplements alongside medicines from the GP?

There are no known interactions between the natural food ingredients in
Colladeen® and prescribed medicines.

Can I take Colladeen® Original with the contraceptive pill or HRT?

Yes - these can be safely taken alongside each other. The natural ingredients in Colladeen® Original are not known to interact with the hormones used in the contraceptive pill and HRT.

Are there any side effects of taking Colladeen® Original?

No, Colladeen® Original provides you with naturally sourced nutrients that may actually offer other positive health benefits. Anthocyanidins and OPCs are popular on the continent as ‘cosmiceuticals’. This means they are sold to improve complexion on the basis that they strengthen and repair collagen. Collagen is the material that gives skin its suppleness and firmness.

Is it safe to take Colladeen® Original with vitamins and minerals?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use Colladeen® Original with multi-nutrient tablets and capsules. Unlike many diuretics, which can cause a loss of potassium, magnesium and calcium from the body’s stores, Colladeen® Original has no effect on the body’s mineral balance.

How quickly might I see an improvement with Colladeen®?

Do not expect Colladeen® Original to work as quickly as diuretic preparations i.e. within a few hours. Like most nutrients, it takes time for the concentration of anthocyanidins to build up in the body to meaningful amounts. A minimum 8-week course is recommended.

Is there anything else I can do to help ease the fluid retention?

Exercise several times a week to help your body release additional fluid and to lift your spirits. Cutting back on caffeine, alcohol and salt, which can make the fluid retention worse, are also good ideas to put into practice. You don’t need to avoid these drinks altogether, just reduce them if you think you are having too much of them.

Are there certain foods that I should try to include in my diet?

As we have seen earlier in this booklet, the best sources of anthocyanidins are fruit and vegetables - so a good intake of these, say 5 portions a day, should suffice. Additionally, fruit and vegetables are an excellent source of the mineral, potassium, which can help balance the excessive amounts of sodium that most people eat. When a normal balance of sodium: potassium ratio is maintained, – the chances of fluid retention are reduced.

How do I choose which one to take?

Choosing which pack to buy all depends on your main need for Colladeen®. Colladeen® Original is our ‘original’ formula and is great for fluid retention. Colladeen® Visage is the advanced formula for skin. It does everything the ‘Original’ does, but with the added nutrients formulated especially for skin.
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