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Colladeen Original Study

Groundbreaking study
A UK scientific study on anthocyanidins for fluid retention has excited researchers and led to the development of Colladeen® Original(12). Researchers at Reading University set out to investigate the effects of giving a group of women suffering from fluid retention a combination of natural anthocyanidins. The volunteers were supplied with tablets providing 320mg of natural anthocyanidins each day (Colladeen® Original), for 16 weeks (4 months). The women were asked to attend the university clinic for regular assessments of fluid retention, including leg circumference measures, whilst they kept daily records of their symptoms.

The women assessed in this study displayed a wide range of symptoms and varying degrees of distress and discomfort. However, a common characteristic among all sufferers, was the fact that friends and family were rarely aware that the sufferer had a problem – only the sufferers themselves knew what was ‘normal’ physically, and when the area in question (i.e. legs, bust or abdomen) wasn’t quite right. Some volunteers said that their symptoms made them feel less confident, depressed and in some cases, prevented them wearing clothes that were revealing.

Impressive results
What the researchers discovered was overwhelming. An impressive and significant percentage of the women experienced a gradual relief of fluid retention during the 16 week course on anthocyanidins, whilst those on the placebo (dummy tablet) saw very little change in their symptoms. Most women saw positive changes whilst using Colladeen® Original. These changes became noticeable after the first 8 weeks of taking the supplement and continued to improve thereafter.

There were dramatic reductions in generalised fluid retention symptoms (e.g. weight gain, breast tenderness and abdominal bloating) as well as more specific leg symptoms associated with fluid retention (e.g. swelling, heaviness, lack of agility and pain) among a significant number of women taking the anthocyanidins (Colladeen® Original) compared to the dummy tablet. This pioneering women’s study has now led to further, larger-scale investigations by researchers looking at similar groups of sufferers – another positive step forward for women’s health.
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