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Importance of diet

The influence of diet on the health of your capillaries and on fluid retention cannot be overstated. A diet consisting mainly of processed ‘junk foods’, which are low in vitamins but high in salt, will definitely not help.

The health of the capillaries relies on many essential nutrients found in a good diet including protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Vitamin C, in particular, is known to be important for capillary health – so a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables is essential.

Recent research has shown that there is another distinct group of nutrients, which play a vital role in the health of capillaries. But even diets high in fruit and vegetables may not provide optimum levels of these new, capillary enhancing nutrients.

Anthocyanidins – the missing nutrients

Some of the most exciting advances in nutrition science are the discoveries of nutrients present in our diets, whose importance to health had previously been overlooked or underestimated. One group of nutrients, found in fruit and vegetables, called flavonoids, have for a long time been recognised as important. But more recently, a division of the flavonoid family called anthocyanidins have been identified as being particularly active in supporting and repairing collagen-rich structures in the body. Collagen is manufactured in the body and has many roles, including being a structural part of capillaries.

In fact, there are many health problems that can result from compromised or weakened collagen, including worn joints, easy bruising and ‘leaky’ or damaged capillary walls. So finding a nutrient that helps build and restore collagen raises the prospect of a safe natural approach to a number of conditions, including fluid retention caused by ‘leaky’ blood vessels. Researchers have now established that diets low in anthocyanidins and related compounds, called OPCs, are likely to result in damaged and leaky capillaries(8-11).

So to reverse these problems, anthocyanidins need to be added to the diet in safe but sensible supplies. In plants, anthocyanidins are responsible for the pigments that give fruit and berries their fabulous, rich colours. So dark skinned fruit such as black grapes, cherries and blackberries can provide useful levels of anthocyanidins. The trouble is, we just don’t eat enough of these foods to have a significant effect.

If you already think you have a problem with leaky capillaries, then a concentrated supplement could be ideal to provide a convenient, reliable intake of these precious anthocyanidins. One such supplement derived from natural food sources, is Colladeen® Original, which contains one of the highest levels of anthocyanidins available. In fact, two tablets of Colladeen® Original provide an impressive level of 320mg of anthocyanidins, the equivalent of 200 black grapes a day.
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