A recent clinical study undertaken on Colladeen® Visage has added to the data already available on anthocyanidins. This led to the discovery that these natural plant compounds, found in dark skinned fruits can play a protective role against the damaging effects of sunlight on skin. This led to the development of Colladeen® Visage, which provides the same level of anthocyanidins and OPCs as found in our Colladeen® Original, but with additional lutein at levels matching previous research in to their role in skin health. UV rays and over exposure to the sun can be especially harmful to our skin and it’s nice to know that there is a supplement which can help provide an internal SPF and help skin cope better with exposure to sunlight.

Now we have literally thousands of happy customers buying Colladeen® Visage from us on a regular basis.

But please note: Colladeen® Visage should only be used as an additional protection against sun damage. It certainly does not replace your normal sun protection regime.

Visage Carton - image