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Colladeen Visage FAQs

Does Colladeen® Visage contain collagen?

No, it doesn’t. Collagen is a protein only found in animals so collagen supplements, like gelatine, are by-products from the meat industry. Colladeen® Visage contains only plant sourced compounds that help protect our bodies own collagen.

Can I take Colladeen® Visage with other supplements?

Yes, you can take it with any of your current supplements. If improving skin health is your main objective then we highly recommend an Omega 3 fish oil supplement. A multi-vitamin and mineral formula may also be useful, depending on your diet.

Is Colladeen® Visage different from Colladeen?

Yes, both contain the same high levels of anthocyanidins, but Colladeen® Visage also provides lutein and green tea extract.

Is Colladeen® Visage safe to take on a long term basis?

Yes, the nutrients in Colladeen® Visage are safe to be taken indefinitely

Are there any side effects from taking Colladeen® Visage?

There have been none reported from the thousands of current users. The formula provides naturally sourced nutrients at levels that are not excessive. These nutrient have been extensively researched and there are many other reported benefits, other than their role in skin health. In fact a previous study on the original Colladeen® formula showed that for some people the product may help reduce fluid retention in their legs.

How long do I need to take Colladeen® Visage for?

The beneficial effects for skin health start within 4 weeks but the study showed improving protection against sun damage up to 12 weeks after starting. If you stop taking Colladeen® Visage the protective effect will decline over the next few weeks.

Do I still need to use suncreams?

Yes, it is important to follow your normal sun protection regime.

Will Colladeen® have an effect on varicose veins?

We have not tested Colladeen® Visage on varicose veins, however, previous research on the natural plant compounds of the type found in Colladeen® Visage have been shown to be helpful for some people.

How do I choose which one to take?

Choosing which pack to buy all depends on your main need for Colladeen®. Colladeen® Original is our 'original' formula and is great for fluid retention. Colladeen® Visage is the advanced formula for skin. It does everything the ‘Original’ does, but with the added nutrients formulated especially for skin.
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