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Reducing Wrinkles

When collagen and elastin production declines the dermis will start to lose its elasticity and become thinner. There is also a reduction in hydration caused by a decline in the network of tiny blood vessels.

As a result folds, or fine lines, start to appear on the skin surface and are initially only visible when a muscle moves. But these lines develop into wrinkles that eventually turn in to the dreaded furrows, which are permanently visible.

You can slow down their progress

As described elsewhere, on this site’s elasticity page, by slowing down the body’s own MMP enzymes responsible for breaking down collagen and elastin, it is possible to get the body producing more collagen and elastin than it is breaking down. This will help to plump up the dermis from the inside, something that moisturisers are unlikely to do! And Colladeen® Visage can help.

What we did in the study

The two studies both involved 60 adults, aged 50 to 70 years old and lasted 12 and 24 weeks, with measurements taken at the start and at regular intervals and at the end. Half the group took two tablets of Colladeen® Visage a day; the other half took identical looking ‘dummy’ placebo pills.

The test

We used a test called a profilometry which involves taking a flexible cast of an area of skin and we used the ‘crow’s feet’ area around the eye in this study. The cast is then scanned to identify the depth of wrinkles and can be compared with casts taken from the same person at later dates.

What we found

There was a reduction in wrinkle depth seen in the group taking Colladeen® Visage, which was measurable at 4 and 8 weeks and by 12 weeks there was a statistically significant result with wrinkle depth reduced by 6% and by 24 weeks some subjects had double this level. No improvements were seen in the group taking the placebo.

What this means

This shows that in a mixed group of adults Colladeen® Visage can reduce the depth of wrinkles significantly by 12 weeks and these results continued to improve up to 24 weeks. Of course the results will vary greatly between individuals, and will be determined by their age, the level of pre-existing sun damage, skin type and their diet.

Does Colladeen® Visage replace moisturisers?

The answer to this is no! Colladeen® Visage is working beneath the skin surface to improve the amount of collagen and elastin present in the dermis. Moisturisers work by plumping up the epidermis, which produces a good effect, albeit a relatively short lived one. So we recommend you carry on with your normal moisturising regime when taking Colladeen® Visage as the two approaches to tackling wrinkles do not conflict with each other.

Colladeen® Visage can help

Some of the very active nutrients known to bind to MMP enzymes are present at high potencies in Colladeen® Visage. And our recent study proved that the product can help you fight back against wrinkles.
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