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FAQs - Colladeen Original

I’m over 7lbs heavier than I should be. Could this be fluid retention?
Sorry – but no, it’s probably fat! Fluid retention adds (at most) 2.2lbs (1kg) to your weight, even though the discomfort it causes feels much greater than this. This is often because the fluid is being held in tissues that are not designed to carry much ‘weight’, such as the ankles.

I’ve been buying herbal diuretics to correct my fluid retention problem. Is this the wrong thing to do?
Don’t worry – it’s unlikely that these products will have caused any harm. However, they are not helping the underlying causes of fluid retention, as they simply force your body to excrete additional fluid. Remember, fluid retention is caused by a relatively small amount of fluid getting stuck in the wrong place! Herbal diuretics however, are not specific and cause fluid to be lost from the whole body.

Why me? I suffer from fluid retention but I have a good diet and I keep active.

It seems that some people are just more prone to suffer than others. It also might be the case that your good diet does not contain sufficient anthocyanidins to make a difference to your symptoms. Our early ancestors had the right idea – they ate far more berries and their seeds, both rich sources of anthocyanidins.

FAQs - Colladeen Visage

Does Colladeen® Visage contain collagen?
No, it doesn’t. Collagen is a protein only found in animals so collagen supplements, like gelatine, are by-products from the meat industry. Colladeen® Visage contains only plant sourced compounds that help protect our bodies own collagen.

Can I take Colladeen® Visage with other supplements?
Yes, you can take it with any of your current supplements. If improving skin health is your main objective then we highly recommend an Omega 3 fish oil supplement. A multi-vitamin and mineral formula may also be useful, depending on your diet.

Is Colladeen® Visage different from Colladeen?
Yes, both contain the same high levels of anthocyanidins, but Colladeen® Visage also provides lutein and green tea extract.

Is Colladeen® Visage safe to take on a long term basis?
Yes, the nutrients in Colladeen® Visage are safe to be taken indefinitely.
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